Captain Planet Says Compost!

Okay, the Cap isn’t delivering this message personally. However, if you’re looking for more ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money then we’ve got a secret weapon for you: compost.

‘That’s like, fertilizer, right?’ Correct. Well, it’s the main byproduct of compost. There are other things which can be done with compost, but more on that later. But what exactly, is compost? Well, every living thing on the earth contains nutrients. Every living thing needs nutrients. Some living things can synthesize – create – their own nutrients. We can’t. Which is why we consume food. And if we’re consuming natural foods (fruits, veggies, eggs), then we’re consuming the best source for fresh nutrients.

If you cook at home at all (which hurts neither your health nor your wallet) you most likely toss a lot of food and food scraps into the garbage. Well, all those scraps (specifically fruit and veggie skins, eggs and coffee grounds) will, under the right circumstance, decompose down into their most pure, nutrient form that is compost. That compost can be used in your garden as fertilizer – or in some cases – converted into gas that can power your home.

Tell Me More!

Don’t get too excited. While the food waste you produce in your kitchen won’t be enough to fuel the entirety of your home, it can provide you with fuel to cook your next meal. But this requires a specific product which we’ll touch on later. For now, there are a few options when it comes to how to compost. If your city is large enough – like Austin, TX (keep it weird) – there may be a community supported program you can access that makes composting as simple as recycling. If you’re in a more rural area that isn’t quite there yet, you can compost in your own backyard and reap the benefits of that glorious, nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden and yard. Bonus! Fertilizing your grass with nutrient-rich, natural, non-toxic compost means whatever isn’t absorbed by the soil and plants won’t harm the water supply from the soil run-off.

Getting Started

Before you jump head first into a more complex undertaking, do a little research. Starting out, especially, search the internet for local compost programs. For renters, this is the only option to cut down on food waste. But even if you own a home and can install and care for your own compost system, checking out a community-wide program can help acquaint you with the basics of compost, as well as get you into the habit of separating compost from regular garbage. Once you feel confident in what to compost and how it works, then you can start looking into your own home compost system.

There are two ways to compost at home. You can buy/build a compost bin and tend it like you would a garden to create basic fertilizer for your lawn and garden. It’s the “handmade” version, if you will. It’s very cost effective, but does require monitoring and attention, as well as a solid knowledge of how to properly maintain a compost bin at home. Luckily we live in the digital age and such information exists at your fingertips in the form of articles, videos, even podcasts. The second, more advanced, more expensive, but less effort required option is the Home Biogas system. This system converts your food scraps (and more than just the standard grounds, shells, and produce) into gas and then funnels it back into your kitchen for cooking, as well as fertilizer for your lawn. You’re looking to spend a couple grand with Home Biogas, but you save money, food waste, and gas usage since you’re cooking with what your food trash has created. Whereas a regular compost bin is only a couple hundred – at the most – for a bin and start up and it only begets fertilizer.

At the end of the day, there isn’t a wrong way to compost. Except to not compost. That’s wrong. It cuts down on waste and repurposes it for multiple uses and it puts nutrients back into our soil to harvest better crops. It eliminates harmful toxins from run-off that gets into the water supply. Like solar energy, it’s one of many steps we can take moving forward in a new green initiative.

The Benefits of Powering your Home with Solar Energy

The Benefits of Powering your Home with Solar Energy

As the world progresses towards green renewable energy sources, solar power is at the core of alternative sources of energy for power generation. Homeowners are looking for ways to increase their capacity to produce solar energy. With the fossil fuel supply dwindling at a rapid speed, it’s the right time to look for alternative ways of producing cheaper and cleaner energy.

Solar power is one of the best alternatives to energy produced by fossil fuels. Wind, water, and solar power are the most effective energy generation solutions for future. Among the three renewable energy sources, the most effective source is to rely on solar energy.  We believe that solar power has more energy efficiency and it is easier to produce energy from the rays of the sun as compared to wind or water.

Read on if you want to find out how a solar-powered home works! We will explain the workings of a solar-powered home and the various benefits of using this unlimited source of renewable energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Homes

Savings with Solar Power

Solar power saves billions or trillions of dollars for the economy. With the threat of global warming, solar energy is the most reliable source of renewable electricity that saves us millions every year.

Cost-effective Energy Source

The biggest advantage of installing solar energy at home is that you get a cost-effective energy solution. Sun is the best source of energy, and with the proper equipment that supports solar power its possible to increase the energy efficiency of your home, it could be the best alternative to traditional fossil fuel energy.

Increase the Value of Your Property

If you have invested in a solar panel, it is bound to increase the value of the property twofold. Most people will prefer to pay a higher price for your property if it has a solar energy generation and storage system. Such homes are bound to tax deductions that’s an added bonus of investing in a solar energy system for your home.

A Low Payback Period

When you purchase a solar panel, batteries, and storage units with cash, the payback period is generally very low. You don’t have to spend a significant fortune today on such equipment as opposed to the past. The cost of solar energy equipment has reduced significantly thanks to big players entering the business like Tesla. More and more companies are offering various alternative energy solutions like solar power to protect the environment.

Reduce Global Warming and Slow down Climate Change

Solar energy will help slow down the pace of global warming, as it is essential for us to stop global warming as it threatens the survival of animals, plants, and human life. Solar energy is currently one of the most effective solutions to curb the global warming crisis.

Green NRG Solar is a leading company that provides adequate solutions to green energy like solar power. We would love to hear from you; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Celebrate Earth Day with The Growth of Solar Energy

Every year, April 22, is Earth Day, this day in particular signifies the birth of modern environmental awareness.

The first Earth Day ever in 1970, was recognized to demonstrate global support for for environmental protection worldwide. We’ve faced unpredictable climate changes such as; wildfires, storms, droughts and natural disasters. Changes in the climate has become a threat to not only our economy, but the rest of the world. It puts our future progress, health, safety, and way of life. Each day our Earth experiences neglect from littering, pollution, wasting food, paper, water, electricity, toxic chemicals, improper disposal, car travel, air travel, and simply plain ignorance.

Here are 10 ways you can help celebrate Earth Day, while saving our environment and planet earth.

earth day

1. Conserve

Recycling isn’t limited to only water bottles and cans, here are the many more items you can recycle: glass, cell phone, unwanted wire hangers, cars, batteries, cars, clothing, etc.

2. Eliminate Pollution

If you have the option to walk, ride your bike, or carpool, consider making one of these changes a habitual habit. Less cars on the road the better chances of avoiding traffic delays, excess pollution emitted from cars, and better air quality for the environment.

3. Go Solar

Making the switch betters not only benefits homeowners but can better the environment while decreasing energy costs. It’s a fantastic way to reduce carbon footprint. Allow GREEN NRG to help you generate your own energy!

4. Become Proactive In The Community

Volunteer your time to non or for profit organizations (local or national). Small efforts into making a difference for the world and helping the environment can create long term changes. A few local activities in your area should take place on earth Day, that’s a fantastic way to start.

5. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

An effortless way to reduce the amount of power you use and helping the planet is switching to energy efficient lightbulbs.

6. Save Water Consumption

Wash a large load in the dishwasher instead of hand washings, this could save hundreds of gallons of water a month.

7. Paperless Billing

Switching your bills to receive them electronically as e-bills and or online invoices can conserve millions of trees each. No need for an abundance amount of useless paper every month, it’s going to end up in the shredder anyways!

8. Faucet Leaks

Make sure to turn off the water when not in use, and tightly secure when doing so to eliminate excess water waste. Do your faucets leak? Leaks can waste a lot of water on a yearly basis, look making the improvement if you haven’t done so.

9. Opt for Water Bottles, and Eliminate Plastic

Start using refillable water bottles. Did you know in the U.S alone, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used every year to make disposable plastic bottles? Reach for non-plastic carrier bags too. Plastic carrier bags can’t be recycled and are not biodegradable.

10. Share The Knowledge

Becoming aware and educated is the key to doing all you can for the environment. The more you know about what you can do to better protect the environment, the more you can share your knowledge with others in protecting the environment.

cool solar panels

Water cooling solar panels can potentially save you 20% on air conditioning

New water cooling solar panel is a technology that can significantly reduce the cost of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration.

This discovery has been made over the last few years by the researchers at The University Standford. This experiment was conducted over three days, placing three water panels each 0.37 square meters and a rate of 0.2 per minute on top of the roof of the building on Stanford campus. The outcome of this experiment resulted in their step up cooled down the water close to 5 degree Celsius below the temperature over the three days of testing. Following, they used the data collected from the experiment to simulate how these panels would work cooling a two-story office building in the non other extremely hot and humid climate of Las vegas. The result of this second experiment was a 20 percent decrease in the building’s air conditioning electrical demand. Day to day, the savings ranged between 18 percent to almost 50 percent.

How it works:

A plastic layer with a silver coating reflecting almost all sunlight is placed over the water coolers on the roofs. The incoming sunlight is mirrored off so the panel stays cool in the summer sun while the second layer is a snaking tube. A snaking tube is where the water is piped through and sheds heat to the plastic. The heat is then emitted by the plastic at a wavelength in the middle of the region of the infrared spectrum. It is not absorbed by the atmosphere but instead travels in the direction of outer space. Lastly, the entire panel is wrapped in a thermal shield plastic housing that protects virtually all the heat radiated away comes from rotating water and not the surrounding air.

“This research builds on our previous work with radiative sky cooling but takes it to the next level,” says Aaswath Raman, co-lead author of the study. “It provides for the first time a high-fidelity technology demonstration of how you can use radiative sky cooling to passively cool a fluid and, in doing so, connect it with cooling systems to save electricity.”

Moving forward with developing this new device, the Stanford researchers have founded a company called SKYcool Systems, and presently working on incorporating the water cooling solar panels into air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


Tesla Powerwall 2

Powerwall is Leading You Towards Power Independency

Elon Musk and his company Tesla never stop progressing. It feels like Musk made a resolution to save our planet, and he is moving towards the goal each year. The guy that gave us electric cars, solar energy for home and even offered to take us to the moon, have came up with another way to help you rely less on your grid power. With the new Powerwall technology, you can actually charge a big battery, that will provide you with power whenever there’s an outage in your area.

The Powerwall and Powerpack are used as a rechargeable battery stationary that is installed on the exterior wall of your house, and is connected to the solar panels system on your roof. These batteries are intended to be used as a backup power storage, for when the grid power isn’t working for any reason.

This might be the next step towards complete power independency for your house, as it’s providing a solution that grid companies cannot. Moreover, this could be the first step for a solution to providing solar power at night. Solar companies have always instructed their clients to stay connected to the grid, since solar power cannot be generated at night (when the sun as set). Having a power storage place is probably a good way to resolve that problem, making solar power absolutely independent, which will make it even more attractive since it would cut off your power bills completely.

Musk is so certain about the efficiency of the Powerwall Technology, that last month he offered it as a solution for Australia’s blackout problems. In fact, Elon Musk said that if the Powerwall batteries won’t fix the problem in 100 days, he will provide them all for free. The wager that musk set is this – Tesla will install 100 megawatt hours worth of Powerwall battery storage within 100 days, and if this won’t fix the blackout problems, they will do the whole project for free (The project worth is estimated US $25 Million).


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