Solar Energy Produce Water

New Technology Generates Drinking Water Out of Solar Panels

The solar energy market is always evolving. Since the green power movement started, about 20-30 years ago, we have witnessed so many improves in the solar technology. We now have solar panels that can generate enough power for your house, we have emergency backup batteries, solar roof tiles, and now we have solar purified water. A company called Zero Mass Water is responsible for the latest invention, using solar-like panels that create clean water from the air.
The panels absorb water molecules from the air, and then the molecules are treated with minerals to give them a fresh taste and filter the water. Each panel produces about 10 small water bottles a day and has a lifetime of about 10 years.

This amazing green technology might be the great next thing. Although it might be expensive for homeowners right now, the system will pay for itself in about 4 years since you won’t be buying water bottles anymore. Moreover, this technology can make a huge difference in countries that are in water-scarce situation.



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