Reaching the middle of 2017, there is no argue about the fast growing of the solar energy movement in California. Earlier this month, California has announced that 80% of the state’s power is generated using renewable methods. As part of their mission to make America run only on renewable energy sources, solar companies always try to improve the service they provide. It is safe to say that the new Tesla Solar Roof is probably one of the biggest breakthrough points towards the main goal.

Green NRG

After Elon Musk introduced us to the new Tesla Powerwall battery that give you the ability to save solar energy as a backup solution for power outages and any other situation where your power is off, he has found a way to make solar panels system look great on your roof and have a great appeal for your house. Rather than having panels installed on your roof and change your house overall look, Musk has decided to insert the solar technology into your roof tiles, giving you the option to move to solar energy without the big addition on your roof.

The new Tesla Solar Roof is the best option for solar energy with great looks. The solar roof tiles are stronger than the regular roof tiles, so you don’t have to worry about the tiles breaking. They come in a few different designs, to give you the option to chose how you want your roof to look like, and the best part is the warranty. Tesla has a lifetime warranty on their solar roof tiles. As long as your house still standing, your roof will be warrantied.

Following all these new technologies coming from Tesla, the question is, now, not whether you should move to solar, but how would you like your solar system to look like.

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