Small Changes That Make A Big Difference: Eliminating Plastics From Your Life

Earth Day is upon us and the planet needs your help. It’s a fact. Changes need to be made to make our environment safe for years to come. Sweeping legislation like The Green New Deal is important, and you can call your representatives and express your desire that they prioritize this global issue. But while passing laws is a slower process, there are things YOU can do right now to reduce your carbon footprint and help Mother Earth. Make these switches from plastic products to reduce waste and production of this caustic material.

Shopping Bags

Taxes on plastic bags in supermarkets were introduced way back in 2003 in Ireland and Denmark. Since then, many states in The States have started implementing the bag tax of anywhere from a ten to twenty cent charge for each bag used by shoppers. It’s been effective, especially in Europe where they’ve seen an estimated 30% drop in plastics on the ocean floor since their ban in 2003. You can purchase reusable bags from most grocery stores. Trendy, small boutiques will sell designer totes and bags that will hold up to 10lbs. And there’s always the internet with everything you could need. Reusable bags will not only save the earth, but they’ll save your kitchen where you hoard plastic and paper bags (which actually provides the perfect ecosystem for roaches. Gross!) Store them in your car, or keep them on a hook by your garage door; wherever you’re sure to remember them so you always have them before you walk into the store.

Drink Containers

It’s estimated that Americans use 167 plastic water bottles a year, but only 38 are recycled on average. Switching to an insulated, reusable water canteen will not just save the environment from plastic waste, it will also put more money in your pocket because you won’t be buying bottles of water anymore. The same rule applies to coffee thermoses. Even if you prefer to grab your morning joe from a drive thru coffee shop, you can still provide them with your mug (and even get a small credit on your bill). And like the water bottle, coffee thermoses are insulated which helps keep hot liquids hotter longer. While on the topic of drinks, purchasing reusable metal or dishwasher safe plastic straws will keep straw waste to a minimum. To lay some facts on you, every reusable coffee thermos save 500 cups of coffee and one little metal straw keeps 540 straws out of landfills and oceans.


Bamboo toothbrushes are a thing and they are incredible. Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant that costs less to produce than cotton and can be used in a variety of things from flooring to face cleansing pads and all the way to toothbrushes. Using bamboo toothbrushes is also great because unlike their plastic counterparts, bamboo will biodegrade over time. So even though you still replace your toothbrush every month or so, this waste will not stick around forever.

Dispensers and Bulk Purchasing

Packaging creates waste. In some European countries, plastics are being banned completely, even in food packaging. While you can’t control what manufacturers use to package their food and other household products, you can control your packaging waste by buying items in bulk and purchasing reusable dispensers and containers for those items. For example, buying one large volume bag or bottle or dish soap and using a ceramic soap dispenser saves 3 regular bottles of Dawn or Palmolive. The added bonus that you get to also use this as an excuse to decorate your bathroom and kitchen a little is just the cherry on top.

Apply this method with other cleaning products in your house such as window or countertop cleaners and oil-based furniture cleaners/polishes, then hit that bargain bin at Target or craft store for some cute, inexpensive spray bottles. Why stop at cleaning products? You can use this concept with food, too! Buying flour, nuts, seasoning, and other non-perishable pantry items in bulk and storing them in a locking container helps keep food fresh while also making them easily accessible. A kitschy set of salt and pepper shakers can stay by the stove while you keep a large jar of it tucked away in the cabinets. Glass mason-type jars with locking lids are very affordable and come in a variety of volumes, not to mention they’re the best at keeping critters out of your dried goods (flour, rice, pasta).

Some switches may be harder to turn into habit. Such as always having bags before you shop and grabbing your water or coffee before leaving your house. But it only takes 21 days to create a new habit. After enough time, it’ll be second nature. Ultimately, these switches aren’t just good for saving you money, they are vital to keeping our planet clean and habitable. In the end, a few small changes will add up to some big improvements. 

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