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$1M For Large Battery Storage Project in Texas

$1M For Large Battery Storage Project in Texas Luminant, based out of Irving TX is the state’s largest electricity provider and has just recently been awarded a $1 million grant for the construction of one of the largest electricity storage facilities created to date. According to Luminant it will be the 7th largest electricity storage […]

The Benefits of Powering your Home with Solar Energy

The Benefits of Powering your Home with Solar Energy As the world progresses towards green renewable energy sources, solar power is at the core of alternative sources of energy for power generation. Homeowners are looking for ways to increase their capacity to produce solar energy. With the fossil fuel supply dwindling at a rapid speed, […]

Solar Energy: The Beginners Guide

Energy generation through solar panels is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. However, understanding the processes, costs associated and all the possibilities that energy generation through solar power entails are important in order to practice energy efficiency, starting from our homes. If you feel daunted by where to start when it comes to installing […]

Benefits of Going Solar

Benefits of solar energy One of the many reasons why homeowners go solar is to better the environment and decrease energy costs. As homeowners know, many other people recognize that solar is a great way to upgrade their home and also reduce carbon footprint while increasing property value. If your motivations for going solar are […]

Solar Panels: Which type is for your home?

  What is Solar Efficiency? Solar panel technology is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of the renewable energy sector. New manufacturing techniques, new materials, and designs drive the boundaries of panel efficiency every year. Designs and material can vary, nevertheless all panels serve the same function. With special materials, solar panels develop electrons […]

Celebrate Earth Day with The Growth of Solar Energy

Every year, April 22, is Earth Day, this day in particular signifies the birth of modern environmental awareness. The first Earth Day ever in 1970, was recognized to demonstrate global support for for environmental protection worldwide. We’ve faced unpredictable climate changes such as; wildfires, storms, droughts and natural disasters. Changes in the climate has become […]

Stay WARM with These Energy Saving Tips

Winter is here. This means, present shopping, sipping on hot cocoa, and time spent at holiday gatherings with family and friends. For those of us who love conserving energy, the winter season also means saving money by being more efficient.   Here are 10 tips below: Maximize insulation About 25% of heat is lost through […]