sunny boy 5000 inverterThe Sunny Boy 5000-US, 6000-US, 7000-US and 8000-US inverters The Sunny Boy 5000-US, 6000-US, 7000-US and 8000-US inverters are UL certified and feature excellent efficiency. Graduated power classes provide flexibility in system design. Automatic grid voltage detection* and an integrated DC disconnect switch simplify installation, ensuring safety as well as saving time. These models feature galvanic isolation and can be used with all types of modules-crystalline as well as thin-film.


  • Extended operating temperature range
  • For countries that require UL certification (UL 1741/IEEE 1547)
  • Optional integrated AFCI functionality meets the requirements of NEC 2011 690.11
  • Efficient
  • 97% peak efficiency
  • OptiCool™ active temperature management system
  • Safe
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Simple
  • Patented automatic grid voltage detection
  • Integrated DC disconnect switch
  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Compliant with ARRA “Buy American” clause
Sunny Boy 3000tl inverterSUNNY BOY 3000TL / 3800TL-US / 4000TL-US / 5000TL-US Inverter Setting new heights in residential inverter performance. The Sunny Boy 3000TL-US/3800TL-US/4000TL-US/5000TL-US represents the next step in performance for UL certified inverters. Its transformerless design means high efficiency and reduced weight. Maximum power production is derived from wide input voltage and operating temperature ranges. Multiple MPP trackers and OptiTrac™ Global Peak mitigate the effect of shade and allow for installation at challenging sites. A unique Secure Power Supply feature provides daytime power even in the event of a grid outage. High performance, flexible design and an innovative feature set make the Sunny Boy TL-US series the first choice among professionals.

Topology: transformerless
Max. DC-voltage: 600 V
Max. AC-power: 3000 W / 3800 W / 4000 W / 5000 W


  • Maximum Power Production
  • Shade management with OptiTrac™ Global Peak MPP tracking
  • Broad voltage range enables production under a variety of conditions
  • Extended operating temperature range allows for extended daily production
  • Industry’s only Secure Power Supply
  • Secure Power Supply provides daytime power in case of a grid outage
  • This unique feature offers up to 1,500 W of opportunity power
  • Flexible Design and Simple Installation
  • Simplified DC wiring concept saves labor and materials
  • Two MPP trackers provide numerous design options for complex roofs
  • Transformerless topology results in lighter weight and higher efficiency
  • Leading Monitoring and Communications
  • Free Sunny Portal monitoring with global access
  • Large, informative graphic display for easy viewing
  • Available with plug-and-play Webconnect, eliminating the need for a WebBox or datalogger
  • A Certified and Safe Solution
  • UL 1741 and 1699B compliant
  • Integrated AFCI meets the requirements of NEC 2011 690.11
power one uno inverterPOWER ONE AURORA UNO 7.6, 8.6 INVERTER (NORTH AMERICA) The UNO 7.6, 8.6 kW inverters are dual MPPT inverters that maximize energy production for residential rooftop applications facing multiple roof angles and varying string lengths. It is the installer’s choice for ease and flexibility of installation, optimizing energy production and meeting upcoming grid interactive requirements.
power one pvi 3_0Power One Aurora PVI-3.0/3.6/3.8/4.2 Inverter (NORTH AMERICA) The most common residential inverter is the ideal size for an average-sized family home. This single-phase string inverter complements the typical number of rooftop solar panels, allowing home-owners to get the most efficient energy harvesting for the size of the property.
power one pvi 5000 inverterPower One Aurora PVI-5000, PVI-6000 Inverter (North America) Designed for residential and small commercial PV installations, this inverter fills a specific niche in the Aurora product line to cater for those installations producing between 5kw and 25kw.
Enphase 250Enphase® M250 Microinverter – The Enphase® M250 Microinverter delivers increased energy harvest and reduces design and installation complexity with its all-AC approach. With the M250, the DC circuit is isolated and insulated from ground, so no Ground Electrode Conductor (GEC) is required for the microinverter. This further simplifies installation, enhances safety, and saves on labor and materials costs.
The Enphase M250 integrates seamlessly with the Engage® Cable, the Envoy® Communications GatewayTM, and Enlighten®, Enphase’s monitoring and analysis software.

– Optimized for higher-power modules
– Maximizes energy production
– Minimizes impact of shading, dust, and debris

– Optimized for higher-power modules
– Maximizes energy production
– Minimizes impact of shading, dust, and debris
– No GEC needed for microinverter
– No DC design or string calculation required
– Easy installation with Engage Cable

– 4th-generation product
– More than 1 million hours of testing and 3 million units shipped
– Industry-leading warranty, up to 25 years.