So you installed a new solar system on your roof, and you now generate power out of the sun, but what happens when the day is over and the sun is not shining? how can you use your appliances when the sun sets? This is where the Energy Net Metering comes into action. Energy Net Metering is a special arrangement with utilities companies. It provides credit for the excessive produce of power during the day so you won’t have to pay for the power you are using during the night. So how exactly does it work?

How net metering works

1. The solar panels convert sunlight into electric power, which is the power you use at your house. Usually, those solar panels generate more power than you use so you have enough power to use around your house and even more. so what happens to the extra power that was produced during the day?

How net metering works

2. The excessive power will return to the utility grid. In return for the power you generate for the utility company, they will use it to power your house during the night, when the sun cannot provide light. How exactly can the utility company say how much power your system produced during the day?

How net metering works

3. The whole process is monitored by a meter that is connected to your solar system and the utility grid. The meter makes sure that you get as much power as you saved during the day, without paying extra for it. The process is called net metering because you use the meter to see how much power your system transferred to the grid so you will pay only for the ‘net’ usage around the house. 


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